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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose my artwork?

Look for an artwork that is meaningful to you and your child. We can use any kind of artwork. Wether it was drawn on a placemat at the local dinner....or painted with high quality paints...we can most certainly turn them into a masterpiece. 

2. Are there any specifications for the artwork?

Nope. You pick your pieces. We will gladly assist you in choosing which pieces will work best, but we firmly believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Even a perfect spelling test can be made into a beatiful work of art.

3. Do you make retouches to the artwork?

Yes, we will remove the background, fix any smudges, and enhance colors to create a professional looking piece of art: a Masterpiece!

4. Do I get my original artwork returned?

Yes, you will get your original artwork back with your order.

5. Can I upload my artwork?

Yes, you can scan your artwork and use the upload option in your “Order Form”. Just be sure to scan the artwork at 300 dpi resolution or take a high resolution photo.

6. What if I have a special request?

We LOVE special requests!! Contact us or through our contact page or include your special request in the additional information area on your order page. 

7. Do I get a proof of my product?

Absolutley. We email a proof prior to printing and nothing is printed without approval from the customer first.

8. How long does the process take?

We have a fairly quick turnaround time which is dependent on how your artwork is sent. If you upload digital files, you can have your masterpiece in a matter of a week. If you choose to send your artwork directly to us to scan, the process is longer as we do not begin the design process until we recieve your files. Once we have your files, we send a design proof to you via email in as little as 24 hours. 

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