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About Us

Artzy Love is owned and operated by Ella Designz, a small, female veteran owned Design Company. 

Our mission is to bring your art to life by turning your artwork into gallery style masterpieces. 

We all have that drawer or box full of drawings, letters, paintings...doodles and whatnots that are just collecting dust until we have a free Saturday to frame them and hang them on the wall. But wait....where in the world are you going to hang 40 framed drawings? We have your solution. What if you could turn 40 drawings into 2 or 3 posters that you can hang on your wall with ease? What if we told you that those posters aren't just posters, but are professional quality gallery style prints of those drawings? With just a few clicks of your mouse, that box of priceless papers will collect no more dust, mold and mildew. It will now become a pricess treasure that your family will cherish for years to come. 

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